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just_icons's Journal

Just Icons
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This is just icons! A place where icons are stored and shared.

Rules For Just Icons

1. Please use the lj-cut tag if you are posting large and/or multiple images. No one need's to scroll through a large post. When I started this community I didn't give a shit, now it's gotten out of hand. Post the first 4 then cut tag the rest.

2. Stay on topic, this community is about just icons so leave it at that.

3. As an icon community you may feel the need to request an icon. When I first started this community I didn't mind people requesting icons. In fact I tried to always make the icon requests. But it's also gotten out of hand. So if you'd like to request an icon check out icon requesting communites such as, iconrequests. If you want an artist within this community to make you one then ask them and chances are they will help you out. Remember that most people post stuff on this community to showcase their work and not just to post icon requests.

4. To the people who create icons on this community. Feel free to create icons that YOU want to do. Don't feel the need to make what other people want/demand/crave. This community is to showcase your icons, not have people trying to request icons from you ever chance they can.

5. Please post at least once a month.

6. DO NOT ADVERTISE OTHER LJ COMMUNITIES. Like the title states, this is just icons.

7. There will be no warnings on nudity or sexual content. If you can't take the heat then get out of the kitchen. Some people like to post what they want and I am not going to ask the creator to censor themselves because of what others can't handle. You have freedom to create what you want.

8. Don't be a jerk and steal icons. Give credit to those who made it. Always tag the icon in the userpics section with a "made by "icon creaters username". No one likes to make an icon then see it snagged and have someone else take credit for it. So don't be a jackass about it.